DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal services

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for ensuring that sidewalks meet the agency’s standards for safety and accessibility. To get it done, the DOT conducts regular sidewalk inspections, which are designed to identify any violations of the regulations set forth by the agency. When a sidewalk violation in NYC is found, the DOT will go ahead issuing an official notice to the property owner or tenant, stating the violations found and the necessary corrective actions to be taken. In most cases, the corrective action will involve hiring a DOT sidewalk violation removal contractor NYC to repair the sidewalk.

The contractor is then required to adhere to the specifications set forth by the DOT, and may even need to obtain a permit from the local municipality. The contractor has the responsibility for removing any existing sidewalk material, and then pouring and finishing new concrete. Depending on the severity of the violation, the contractor may also be required to repair or replace existing handrails, stairs, or curbs.

Why Property Owners Need To Know About DOT Sidewalk Violations Removal?

The DOT often requires the property owner or tenant to relocate any obstructions found on the sidewalk, such as benches, planters, or trees. If a property owner or tenant fails to take the necessary corrective actions despite giving enough time, the DOT may take action of their own. In addition to the 75-day grace period, the Department of Transportation may impose fines if the violation is not addressed in a timely manner. This includes hiring a contractor to repair the sidewalk and then sending the bill to the property owner or tenant.

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In addition to the sidewalk inspection NYC process, the DOT also has a complaint-based system in place which allows citizens to report any problems or concerns they may have with a sidewalk or other public space. Once a complaint is filed, the DOT will investigate the issue and take the necessary corrective actions.

DOT Sidewalk Violation Repair Services: Get Rid Of Legal Troubles Caused By Sidewalk Violation

We are in the industry for many years and understand that receiving a notice from DOT on Sidewalk Repair can be a cause of distress and panic. Many of you may not be aware, timely intervention and corrective measures within a stipulated period are the only way out of such a situation. If you fall short of this knowledge, we are here to help you do just that.

At Trice Sidewalk Services, our sidewalk violation repair contractors specialize in DOT sidewalk violation repair NYC. Our clients across NYC have been getting top-notch services pertaining to sidewalk violations and helping since inception deal with the notice from DOT on Sidewalk Repair.

  • Our team of experts is brimming with the right knowledge and skills in tackling sidewalk intricacies.
  • With the experience of countless projects, we are equipped to handle any kind of sidewalk repair.
  • We start by conducting an extensive inspection of the damage and providing an estimation & report with efficient solutions for the project.

Get Quality Assurance And Guaranteed Results

It is ensured that your property is safe and compliant with all of NYC’s regulations. We provide comprehensive DOT violation repair services along with expert advice that is tailored to meet your needs. Such notices act as cumbersome, making it difficult to live normally and in peace unless sorted out. With our expertise, you can quickly and efficiently handle the issue and avoid any impending notice from DOT on Sidewalk Repair.

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